Australian Grand Champion Tornadobe Bill Bailey

20th June 2003 - August 2012


Bill was our first German Shorthaired Pointer, and again he was bred by my Father Damian Bourne. Our decision to get Bill was made at Dad's house in Darwin and it was a bit made purely on the basis that the GSP puppies were extremely cute, especially Bill who was the small quiet one with huge ears who sat in the corner by himself. He was the quiet one but we knew we had to have him as soon as we saw him. So based on him being cute, we took him home at 8 weeks of age to come and play with the Doberman's we owned. The rest I guess is history.

He finished as the number 1 Gundog in the NT in his first full year of showing. Bill was headstrong and a difficult dog to show as he tended to do his own thing when he could, but with both Hayley and Vanessa showing him, he was awarded 2 x Runner up To Best in Shows at all breeds Championship shows, 1 x Runner up in Gundog Specialty Show and 17 Best in Groups. These awards are a true indication of his strong GSP confirmation, and his beautiful ground covering movement with plenty of people over the years having struggled to keep up with the brown dog on the move in the ring. In 2010 Bill became Tornadobes very first Grand Champion GSP, and certainly something we are extremely proud of. When he gained the final points at Young under a GSP breed specialist, there were plenty of tears shed.



The next two photo's where taken of the moment Bill gained his Grand Champion Title.

Bill just taking it all in. His grey beard adding to the distinguished look when one becomes a Grand.


Bill was one of the funniest dogs we have ever owned. Whether it be sneaking slowly up on to the bed at night thinking you couldn't see him, or him bouncing up and down when you scratched his back, he always made us laugh. He like all GSP's was a gentle clown and we miss him terribly. He was taken from us in 2012 by a Brown Snake..







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